Glaucoma is an optic nerve disease that caused by high intraocular pressure due to disorder in drainage of the aqueous humor secreted by the ciliary body inside the eye, resulting in a gradual damage to the optic nerve and poor visual field.

Glaucoma types

·     Chronic Open-angle glaucoma

·     Acute Closed Angle Glaucoma

·     Congenital glaucoma

·     Secondary glaucoma


Ophthalmologist reviews medical history and conducts comprehensive eye examination, which include:

·        Tonometry

·        Gonioscopy

·        Optic Nerve Imaging Exam

·        Perimetry (visual field test)

Glaucoma treatment

·        Medication

·        Laser

·        Surgery


General information

·        Comprehensive and regular eye exam is very important for early detection and prevention of complications.

·        Never stop Eye drops use without ophthalmologist consultation.

·        Seek medical advice In case of severe pain, redness, or sudden vision loss.

·        Early detection of glaucoma can help getting better treatment results.

·        Wearing protective glasses while exercising and working to protect the eye from injuries.