The Medical Coordination and Eligibility Department (MCED) reviews referrals to the hospital and identifies patients who meet the hospital’s tertiary care referral guidelines. In addition, the MCED coordinates referrals of non-Saudi patients receiving ophthalmic care in the Kingdom.

Physician Staffing      

1 ophthalmic consultant


The services/functions of the MCED are as follows:

  • Review of referrals from the 18 general medical committees, other government hospitals and facilities, and the KKESH Emergency Room and Screening Clinic to determine eligibility for treatment.
  • Supervision of new patient and follow-up waitlists with ophthalmology divisions to prioritize patients for examination.
  • Provision of feedback and follow-up documentation to referring sources on completion of tertiary care.
  • Assistance with transfer of patients who have completed their tertiary care to the referral sources by providing discharge reports and other required documents.