Color blindness is a genetic defect in the cells, which are responsible for capturing colors in the retina. Color blindness is ranging from severe to moderate but does not affect visual acuity.


  • Inability to distinguish between the colors and their brightness.
  •  Inability to differentiate between colors and color shads especially red green, blue, and yellow.


  •  Congenital color blindness is genetic
  •  Acquired color blindness occurs due to diseases in retina or optic nerve.




Simple test performs if there is:

  • Problem in color vision.
  • Suspected damage in retina.
  •  Inability to distinguish colors.
  • A genetic history.


  • There is no cure for congenital color blindness, but there is a special type of lenses may help distinguishing between colors.
  •  Color blindness may be improved by treating the cause.