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Usage of KKESH Portal

KKESH Portal is available for your personal usage, and your entry and usage for this portal are subjected to usage items and terms and the rules of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also, your access and entry to this portal is an unconditional or unrestricted acceptance or to the items and terms of usage whether you were a registered user or not. This acceptance is in force as of the first date of your usage for this portal. Usage of the Portal governed by a set of terms and conditions that undergo continuous updates and modifications when necessary. And any modification or update for any of these terms and conditions is in force once it is approved by the Portal Administration, this requires you to continuously review the usage terms and disclaimer principles in order to be updated with any modifications introduced. As such, using this portal repeatedly means that you have fully viewed and accepted any modification made to its usage items and terms; bearing in mind that these terms and conditions involve property rights. Further, the Portal Administration is not liable to announcing any updates made to these terms.

Restrictions on Usage

By using KKESH Portal, you approve of refraining from the following:

§  Not to provide or download files containing software, materials, data, or other information that you do not own or you are not licensed to use them.

§  Not to use this portal in any way whatsoever to send an electronic or undesired email; or any misuse of that sort for KKESH Portal.

§  Not to provide or download files at this portal containing viruses or damaged data.

§  Not to publish, announce, distribute, or circulate materials or information containing defamation, law violation, or sexual, obscene, and against Islamic rulings or code of ethics materials; or illegal materials or information via the portal of KKESH.

§  Not to participate via KKESH Portal in illegal or unlawful activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

§  Not to announce of any product or service make us appear violating any law or system applied in any field.

§  Not to use any means, program, or procedure to intercept or an attempt to intercept the proper operation for KKESH Portal.

§  Not to make an action that puts tremendous, big, or inappropriate load on the infrastructure of KKESH Portal.

Links to KKESH Portal

When using links toKKESH Portal, except for the below-mentioned cases, it is banned to transfer or copy any of KKESH Portal content, or create any electronic links related to it, or display any of it in a frame.

Under no circumstances is King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital considered participating or linked in any way whatsoever with any trademarks, logos, or brands, or other means used or appear at the websites linked to these pages or any of their content.

King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital preserves its right with regard to suspending or intercepting any links whatsoever from any website containing inappropriate, flagrant, defamatory, obscene, sexual, or illegal topics. Nor will the Portal accept publishing any names, materials, or information that violate any law or breach any intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or public rights.

KKESH will have the right to intercept any link whatsoever if unlicensed, and it is not to be accountable for the content available at any website that is accessed via this portal or through it to this portal.

Links from KKESH Portal

Communication links related to portals and / or other websites are provided with the aim of facilitating visitors' access. KKESH Portal is not liable for the content or plausibility of the portals and /or websites, and/ or the pages which are linked to it and it does not approve of its content. Therefore, you are fully responsible for using any of these links to access these websites, portals, or pages. Hence, KKESH Portal aim at replacing disconnected electronic links, which do not work, at other websites. And as long as we cannot control these links, we do not, anyway, guarantee that these links will work continuously.

Protection against Viruses

KKESH Portal makes every effort to check and test this Portal's content at every phase. You'd better continuously run anti-virus programs to all the materials downloaded from the internet. The portal is not responsible for any loss, disconnection, or damage to your data or your computer, or any device used for surfing, which could take place during accessing this portal or when using material downloaded from this portal.

Limits of Responsibility

The e-services which KKESH Portal presents via the internet is provided to facilitate the manual procedures. Herein you knowingly approve that the communications via the internet may be vulnerable for interception or may be intercepted by others. Accordingly, accessing this Portal remains your own responsibility. Also, we are not under any circumstances responsible for any loss or harm whatsoever you may sustain because of your usage or your visit to the Portal, or relying on any statement, opinion, advertisement at the Portal. Or what may occur because of operation delay, disconnection, problems accessing to the internet, device or program failures.


Herein you approve that you will not take any procedure against King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital or any of its departments, and compensate and secure it from any responsibility, as well as any bodies, employees, or agents in charge of managing, maintaining, updating, or providing KKESH Portal. This is with regard to all the commitments and responsibilities which could arise in terms of any claim taking place from any violation of the usage items and terms on your part, or any of the laws in force whether in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or the place in which you live.