KKESH provides tertiary eye care for cases which are difficult to manage at other hospitals in the Kingdom. As such, only cases that meet the Hospital acceptance criteria will be accepted for care. If patient is accepted to receive medical care at KKESH, treatment will be limited to the condition for which he was accepted.

• Condition assessment of patients referred to KKESH by Medical Report, GMCs or other medical committees is made in accordance with their eligibility for care. If patient is ineligible to receive the KKESH tertiary eye care, he/she will be directed to another governmental healthcare facility to receive the appropriate medical treatment.

• When presenting to see the doctor, patient should bring the following with him/her (if available): previous medical reports, lab workup results, radiological images and reports and, when possible, the histological specimen slides if he/she had undergone any surgical procedures. The patient should also bring in all medications he/she is using whether for the eye or other. This information is needed for accurate diagnosis and prompt management.

• KKESH Outreach and Eligibility Department OED coordinates the process of completion of patients’ treatment at KKESH after receiving the needed tertiary eye care. The Department also provides these patients with all necessary medical reports to enable them to receive follow-up care at other local MOH hospitals and health centers.