King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) offers highly specialized ophthalmic care to eligible patients on a referral basis.

Patients meeting the criteria for tertiary care are scheduled appointments for examination by our ophthalmic specialists in the Outpatient Clinics. Immediate admission for inpatient care occurs only for acute ophthalmic emergencies.

Because there are several stages involved in processing and caring for patients, different appointment desks process patient appointments. Detailed information for each appointment desk is shown below:

  • Screening Clinic
  • Patient Services
  • Admitting Office
  • Medical Reports Office

Screening Clinic

Clinic hours:  07:30 to 16:30, Sunday through Thursday

How to make an appointment:

Appointments for the Screening Clinic may be made by calling 920000583 or calling 00966114849700 from outside KSA.


The Screening Clinic examines Saudi patients referred by royal orders or medical reports from ophthalmologists.

What patients should bring:

Patients should bring their Saudi ID and a detailed medical report from an ophthalmologists in English.


The Screening Clinic is housed in a separate building near the main hospital gate.

Patient Services and Appointment:

Hours: 007:30 to 16:30, Sunday through Thursday


  • Registers patients seen in the Outpatient Clinics;
  • Answers general questions for patients visiting the hospital;
  • Books, cancel, or change appointments.
  • Issue attendance letter.
  • Issue patient visits report.
  • Update patient information

Appointment information:

  • To make, change, or cancel an appointment at the Outpatient Clinics, please call 920000583 or calling 00966114849700 from outside KSA.
  • Cancellations should be made at least 3 days prior to the date of the appointment.

Outpatient Clinics Appointment Instructions

The following is a list of instructions for patients:

  • On arrival at the hospital, present your appointment slip at the Patient Services Desk, located in the the ground floor. The registration clerk will record your arrival and direct you to one of the specialized clinics.
  • At your first visit, you must bring your iqama or Saudi ID with you in order to open a medical chart and be treated.
  • You should bring all medical reports, laboratory test results, radiologic investigations, medications, and eyeglasses with you to each appointment.
  • If your personal information changes (e.g. a new address or a change of name due to marriage), you should provide the new information to the Registration Desk when you report for your appointment so that your medical chart can be updated. This will allow KKESH to contact you when needed.
  • Patients missing 2 consecutive appointments without notification will be discharged from KKESH. A new referral will be required to reenter the system.

Admitting Department

Admissions for surgical procedures are processed through the Admitting Department, which is located on the ground floor, north of the main fountain lobby. Please present your appointment slip to the department on your arrival at the hospital.

Surgical Scheduling Office

If you need to change or cancel an appointment for hospital admission or ambulatory surgery, contact the Surgical Scheduling Office at 920000583 or calling 00966114849700 from outside KSA.

Medical Reports Office

If you need to inquiry, contact the Medical Reports Office at 920000583 or calling 00966114849700 from outside KSA. E-mail:


07:30 to 16:30, Sunday through Thursday