Is the detachment of the   retina from its underlying layer of support tissue due to holes or tears occurrence


  • Retinal holes or Laceration.
  • Intraocular infection.
  • Eye injury.
  • Complications of eye surgery.
  • Automatic retinal detachment (for no apparent reason).
  • Diabetes due to shrinking of fibrous tissue, which leads to retinal detachment.
  • Patient with high level of myopia are more likely to have retinal tears and holes.


  • Experience a black or gray shadow affects any part of peripheral vision.
  • Black floaters flying in visual filed.
  • Sudden light   flush.
  • Sudden vision impairment.




  • Seek medical attention immediately when have any symptoms of retinal detachment to save your vision
  • Wearing goggles especially with violent sports, which include blows to the eye.
  • Diabetes is threatening disease, which may cause retinal detachment; therefore, control blood sugar as much as possible.