The Emergency Room provides comprehensive care for acute ocular conditions that require prompt assessment and intervention.


The Emergency Room provides evaluation of patients with acute ocular complaints, irrespective of source (walk-in or referral from the General Medical Committee; other government hospitals; or the KKESH Screening Clinic, Medical Coordination and Eligibility Department (MCED), Employee Health, or Ambulatory Care Services). In every emergency case, a diagnostic evaluation is performed by emergency room physicians, in coordination with subspecialty consultation and hospital diagnostic testing, as required. Stabilization of the acute condition and initial therapy is commenced, with further care provided through inpatient admission, outpatient clinic follow-up, or additional emergency room follow-up, as indicated. Employees and their eligible dependents, hospital patients, and visitors who develop non-ophthalmic medical emergencies are evaluated and stabilized in the ER, and transferred, if indicated, to an appropriate general medical facility for definitive management. The ER nursing personnel participate as members of the hospital code blue team and respond to emergency calls for medical assistance in the hospital and on the housing compound.

The services/functions of the ER are as follows:

  • Emergency and urgent ophthalmic care;
  • Emergency medical care for hospital employees and eligible dependents, as well as hospital patients and visitors with non-ophthalmic medical conditions.