King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (KKESH) is a modern health care facility that provides tertiary eye care to the citizens of Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf countries. The hospital employs more than 1058 individuals, including 61 full-time, board-certified physicians (45 ophthalmologists, 5 anesthesiologists, 5 internists, 3 pediatricians, 1 radiologist, and 1 pathologist).


KKESH has 233 inpatient beds, a major operating room with 12 dedicated ophthalmic theaters, an outpatient clinic with more than 50 examination lanes, and a large emergency room that is in continuous operation. In 2016, there were approximately 167,851 visits to the outpatient clinic and more than 36,593 visits to the emergency room. There were approximately 12,216 inpatient admissions and more than 12,056 surgical procedures performed in the major operating theater.


The KKESH code of values for patient care services is as follows:


  • KKESH will provide a comprehensive program of tertiary eye care services to meet the needs of our patients in a timely and responsive manner within the scope of resources available to provide such care.
  • Patient care at KKESH will be provided through effective and efficient use of KKESH resources, which will be responsive to identified patient care needs.
  • KKESH will organize and provide patient care, and other services, to meet the most current standards of the Joint Commission International Accreditation.
  • Patients' and their families' involvement, consistent with existing cultural values, will be sought and encouraged to maximize positive patient care outcomes at KKESH.
  • KKESH patient care activities will promote self-care concepts to enable patients to cope with their health status throughout their lives.
  • All employees of KKESH are expected to promote the mission and philosophy of KKESH by acting in a caring, courteous, and concerned manner toward patients, visitors, colleagues, and staff; and by performing their duties and responsibilities according to expected standards.
  • Although staff involved in KKESH patient care activities can be identified as seemingly independent functions, all staff and functions will work collaboratively to assess and meet the total healthcare needs of KKESH patients in an appropriate manner.