Our Mission:

The Health Education Department at King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital aims to provide the highest attainable standards of health education services for all KKESH patients and communities in all over the kingdom, through implementing health education and health promotion programs, which are appropriately designed to suit the culture, beliefs and values of the target group. In addition, the department is committed to promote the healthy behaviors, prevent injuries and diseases in order to improve the public health outcomes and quality of life.

Our Goals:

  1. Increase the awareness of patients and their families about eye diseases and other health related disorders by direct and indirect teaching types, in order to increase their sense of responsibility toward health and encourage healthy behavior through different methods (i.e. individual and group teaching sessions, educational materials, health communication) that will maximize patient’s potential for positive health outcomes.
  2. Provide teaching services to outpatients through referral to the Health Education Department or the teaching clinic in the Outpatient Services.
  3. Increase and enhance community and public awareness on eye diseases and other health related disorders through programs, campaigns, and social media.
  4. Promote the patients/families rights and responsibilities throughout the hospital.
  5. Promote the concept of health promotion by continuing its activities for KKESH patients, staff and the community into their corporate identity and routine practice.
  6. Enhance the in-house education channel by broadcasting educational videos.
  7. Provide training to health education internship students as a part of their knowledge and skills development and improvement.
  8. Assist other health care teams to improve patient’s satisfaction with their health care.
  9. Provide continuing education for health education professionals through organizing workshops and symposia at KKESH and outside KKESH if required.

Our Service:

  • Providing individual teaching
  • Coordinating and presenting group teaching
  • Developing and revising educational material
  • Coordinating for hotline sessions with ophthalmologists
  • Conducting health education campaigns
  • Participating in the national and international health events
  • Publicizing educational articles in the local newspapers and magazines
  • Organize training programs for health education internship students.
  • Organize the annual health education symposium.
  • Doing various studies and research.
  • Replying to public queries through:
  • Phone calls
  • Email: healtheducation@kkesh.med.sa
  • Social media