The Health Education Department provides health education to KKESH inpatients, outpatients, family members, visitors, and the public.


The Health Education Department helps promote awareness of ocular and general health issues, thereby helping patients engage in behavior that maximizes their potential for positive health outcomes. Efforts are made to increase community and public awareness of preventative and safety measures related to eyes and ocular disorders.


The services and functions of the Health Education Department are as follows:

  • Develop and provide assistance in establishing patient education plans for individual patients and specific patient care areas;
  • Provide individual and group patient education programs and counseling for patients and their relatives;
  • Develop, publish, update, and distribute health education materials for patients, their family members, and the general public;
  • Coordinate the hospital public hotline service;
  • Supervise the in-house patient education television program;
  • Maintain a mobile film library for patient viewing;
  • Conduct and coordinate health education campaigns through the mass media and in collaboration with national health programs;
  • Provide education and training to student interns from the health education program at King Saud University;
  • Initiate and host the monthly meetings for Riyadh health education sector hospitals and facilities;
  • Organize the annual Health Education Symposium.
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