The Social Services Department provides support and assistance related to the social aspects of patient care to hospital patients and family members.


The Social Services Department identifies the social aspects of patient care (such as financial difficulty, psychosocial problems, physical disabilities, and emotional stress) and provides appropriate interventions.


The services/functions of the Social Services Department are as follows:

  • Assess patient and family needs;
  • Provide financial guidance and support, and referral to community agencies and other medical facilities, as required;
  • Provide accommodations to patients and their family members;
  • Provide certificates to patient sitters;
  • Provide assistance to kidney dialysis patients;
  • Conduct patient counseling and discharge planning;
  • Provide education and orientation to the hospital employees;
  • Participate in public activities and programs;
  • Participate in Al-Jenadriyah Festival annually;
  • Provide training programs for students from Riyadh-based universities;
  • Participate in the quarterly meetings for the social services departments of all hospitals in the Riyadh area.