The Department of Training and Scholarship Services provides staff orientation and training, sponsors training programs for Saudi employees as ophthalmic technicians and nurses, and offers internships for students enrolled in institutes of higher learning in the Kingdom. Internships are offered in diverse areas, including clinical nutrition, optometry, health information management, and ophthalmic photography. The department focuses on providing orientation and training for nurses and technicians. These two professional areas comprise more than 40% of KKESH employees. Training, which is based on needs assessment, is provided in a variety of formats. Education and training are delivered using both orientation programs and a competency-based system, thus ensuring that required staff skill levels are maintained. Training for career enhancement is supported, and workshops are offered to improve general skills. The department provides required hospital orientation sessions to all employees. Special lectures are provided to KKESH employees to further their knowledge and development. The 6 primary areas on which the Department of Training and Scholarship Services focuses are as follows: Mandatory Classes Nursing Programs Language Programs Ophthalmic Technical Programs Saudi Internship Training Programs Staff development programs 

To apply for KKESH internship , kindly send your request to the following Email: