The Medicine Department is responsible for performing comprehensive medical evaluations and treating patients who are admitted to the hospital for care. Consultation is performed, when requested, on outpatients for whom medical evaluation and/or treatment is needed in conjunction with ophthalmic care. Medical care is also provided to hospital employees and their eligible dependents.

Physician Staffing

  • Adult internists
  • Pediatricians


The services/functions of the Medicine Department are as follows:

  • Comprehensive medical evaluations on every patient admitted for surgery or emergency medical care.
  • Continuous medical care for every hospital inpatient.
  • Collaborations with ophthalmologists in the joint management of uveitis, retinoblastoma, and other ophthalmic conditions with systemic manifestations.
  • Coverage of the Employee Health Clinic, where hospital employees and their dependents receive routine medical care.
  • Coordination of transfer of inpatients and hospital employees and their eligible dependents to other facilities whenever necessary.