Strabismus is a visual defect in which the eyes are not straight. There is deviation of one or both eyes. The misalignment may always be noticeable or may appear and disappear.


  • Refractive errors
  •  Defect of neuro and muscles that controlled eye movement.
  •  Congenital defects in eye muscles.
  •   Low vision in one eye because of cataract or retinal diseases.

Treatment goals

  • To preserve vision.
  • To straighten the eyes.
  • To restore binocular vision


  • Eye Glasses
  • Botox injection
  • Surgery


  • Children do not "outgrow" strabismus.
  • Ophthalmologist should examine children with suspected, strabismus, immediately.
  • Generally, amblyopia treatment takes preference over strabismus treatment.
  • Strabismus Treatment may be non-surgical and include eye drops, glasses, exercises or patching.
  • The earlier strabismus surgical treatment, the better chance of normal binocular vision development.
  • Straightening of eyes is possible at any age resulting better peripheral vision.