KKESH has 1,216 full-time employees, including 341 nurses and 64 physicians. The physician roster includes 49 ophthalmologists, 4 anesthesiologists, 7 adult internists, 3 pediatricians, 1 radiologists .With the growth and expansion of the ambulatory surgical centers now called Short Stay unit to 33, the number of inpatient beds at KKESH has been reduced to 229 . In 2014, around 12,010 patients were admitted for elective surgery, as well as emergency surgical and medical care and including Short Stay Units (ambulatory surgical center). In 2014, around 183,712 patient visits occurred in the outpatient department including 22,752 seen in the Technical services , 35,449 patient visits took place in the emergency room, and around 11,453 surgical procedures were performed in the operating theater.


0 KKESH has 1,216 full-time employees
0 In 2014, around 12,010 patients were admitted
011,453 surgical procedures were performed