Optometry department provides quality eye care to adult, pediatric and geriatric patients. We exercise appropriate clinical judgment, assess the refractive and optical needs of patients by applying specialized knowledge and clinical skills.


Optometry department consists of:

  •  Refraction Clinic.
  • Contact lens Clinic.
  • Low vision Clinic.


Optometry services provided:

  • Conduct refractive examinations for patients of all age groups referred from within the hospital.
  • Conduct refractive exams prior/post to surgery (such as Lasik and Intra-Corneal lens work up, PKP etc.).
  • Prescribe spectacles (bifocal, progressive, tinted, etc.).
  • Fit, evaluate and prescribe different types of contact lenses (soft, hard, hybrid, semi-scleral, scleral, pediatric, and cosmetic).
  • Conduct clinical examinations as well as prescribe suitable visual aids for low vision patients.