Please bring the following items:

  • Eye glasses
  • Slippers
  • Underwear
  • Personal shaving items
  • All current medications in their original labeled containers

Items Provided

Each patient will be issued an admission kit containing personal toiletry items. You may bring your own if you wish. The patient’s authorized companion should plan to provide his/her own personal toiletry items.


Please bring all your current prescriptions with you in their original labeled containers so that the physician can verify the medications being taken. These medications can be sent home with family members or kept in the pharmacy and returned to you upon discharge. You should not take any drugs that are not prescribed for you by your KKESH physician during your hospital stay.


Please do not bring any jewelry or other valuables to the hospital. If valuables are brought, they should be stored in the hospital safe for return at discharge or upon the patient’s request. You will be given a receipt for any stored valuables. The hospital is not responsible for money or valuables.