King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital celebrates World Sight Day 2017

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital will celebrate the World Sight Day on Thursday and Friday, 22-23 Muharram 1439H (12-13 October 2017) at Granada Mall from 4.00 p.m. -10.00 p.m. The participating ophthalmologists and technicians will perform eye examination for visitors. Other activities include distribution of awareness materials and answering visitors' queries. There will be a corner for children to teach them how to prevent eye injuries and follow healthy habits. There will also be an educational contest and gifts for winners. Educational materials on this occasion will be distributed and presented in the hospital.

Due to the importance of educating the blind about the white cane as the distinguishing mark of the blind and the symbol of independence of the visually impaired, it was decided that October 15 will be a global day each year for the white cane to encourage people with normal vision to increase their knowledge and understanding of the rights and needs of the blind. The celebration, which will coincide with the World Sight Day, aims at raising the world's awareness of blindness and how the visually impaired can live and work independently. The efforts and successes of the blind will be recognized and appreciated on that day.  During the event, the white cane march will be organized with the participation of normal vision individuals to help them appreciate how vision is important and to remind the community to respect the rights of the blind people and to be helpful in dealing with them by providing assistance and safe pass ways so that they can move without difficulties.

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