On Tuesday March 5, 2024, KKESH celebrated Employee day as appreciation to the services staff provided to patients and visitors. The CEO Dr. Abdulaziz AlRajhi participated in the celebration. This initiative is one of the administration programs to enhance the work quality to KKESH staff.




KKESH was honored by His Excellency the Minister of Health, Fahad Aljalajel with National Patient Safety Award 2023 for the project of Improving the Efficiency of Operating Rooms. The award has been given to the hospital for its contribution to provide safe healthcare services provided in pre-prepared plans and integrated program to enhance the operating rooms efficiency.

The ceremony was attended by KKESH CEO Dr. Abdulaziz AlRajhi. It was held at Riyadh Movenpick. It’s worth to mention that Saudi Patient Safety Center has launched the National Patient Safety Award in its 6th edition.




KKESH ranked the highest in terms of peer-reviewed ophthalmic researches, as per an analysis of scientific researches publication from Arab hospitals.

The study, which lasted 10 years, shows that KKESH has published over 644 ophthalmic articles, i.e., more than 15% of the Arab researches.

The study highlighted the hospital high productivity in ophthalmic research.

It worth to mention that KKESH is one of the leading hospitals in ophthalmic researches, established in 1983, KKESH is one of the largest speciality eye hospital with dedicated budget to support research-related activities to promote and support the ophthalmic researches, highlight the recent scientific advancements in ophthalmology, and improve the world-wide eye patients’ safety. The hospital cooperates with other medical and scientific institutions within KSA and among the world.



The American journal of case reports magazine published a medical discovery made by Dr. Omar Muhammed Qirat, Cornea, Cataract and Vision correction Consultant in King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital.

According to the research published in the magazine on Dr. Qirat’s unpreceded discovery, some Keratoconus patients have a unique mark on the eye’s lens. This mark is a type of Cataract in the shape of a partial crack in the lens, and Dr. Qirat thinks there’s a direct connection between the mark and the habit of hard eye rubbing done by some Keratoconus patients who have allergy.

In an interview with Dr. Omar Qirat, he mentioned that this discovery needs more studies conducted by doctors in addition to observing the condition’s development in patients, explaining that this mark is posing no danger to the eye’s health. Nevertheless, this mark could help understanding what happens inside the eye because of the repetitive eye rubbing. This mark may as well be used in tracking the Keratoconus condition and its increasing severity over time.

As it’s advised for everyone, especially cornea patients, not to rub their eyes.

The doctor thanked the administration of King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital (represented by Dr. Abdulaziz Al- Rajhi) for supporting everyone and encouraging them to put more effort into delivering the highest standards of modern medical services, Dr. Qirat also thanked his colleagues who praised this discovery and supported its publication.

He pointed out that King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital has a global status in the field of ophthalmology.





KKESH Obtained American Society of Hospital Pharmacies (ASHP) International Accreditation



 King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital has obtained international accreditation of hospital and health system pharmacy services from the American Society of Hospital Pharmacies as the first MOH hospital in the Kingdom and the first specialized hospital in the field of ophthalmology worldwide to obtain this accreditation. It is the largest association in the field of pharmacy in the United States.

This accreditation is considered a milestone in official and global recognition of hospital health systems efficiency. Also, it is considered to provide the best innovative and distinguished pharmaceutical services and practices of high and safe quality that are provided to patients in a sustainable manner in accordance with international safety and quality standards.

This achievement comes as a result of the efforts of the pharmacists working in pharmaceutical care services department at the hospital and their continuous aspiration for success and excellence.

The most prominent scope of criteria evaluated was in the following fields: management and leadership, pharmaceutical quality and safety, pharmaceutical policies and information, information department, clinical pharmacy services, pharmaceutical supply chains, and learning and development.

It is worth noting that the hospital was praised by ASHP for its excellence in pharmaceutical services in the following fields: providing continuing pharmaceutical medical learning to the medical staff, linking drug, audio and visual education to the patient with barcodes on the YouTube channel, developing the optimal use of topical antibiotics to treat eye infectious diseases, drug consultation service procedures during discharging of admitted patients. In addition, team spirit among health staff inside and outside the Pharmaceutical Care Services Department which reflects positively on the patients’ healthcare experience journey.

This achievement would not have been without Allah support and then support of hospital administration in particular, and the support of the government of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, and HRH, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince for the health sector in general.




Saudi 2023 Ophthalmology

The Saudi Ophthalmology Conference 2023 was held for three days at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Riyadh, under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Health, Eng. Fahd Al-Jalajel. The conference was organized by the Saudi Ophthalmology Society and King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital, in collaboration with the Department of Ophthalmology at King Saud University.

The conference was successfully ended, attracting a significant number of medical professionals, optometrists, and ophthalmology enthusiasts. An accompanying exhibition featuring several pharmaceutical and medical firms specialize in eye and optical products was held.

There were 40 international speakers and 136 local speakers at the conference, 280 scientific papers were discussed and 40 training sessions and were held.

The conference covered a variety of eye-related topics, according to the head of the Scientific Committee, Dr. Huda Abdullah Al-Ghadeer. The most significant ones were artificial intelligence in ophthalmology, corneal diseases, the most recent surgical techniques for cataracts, vision correction procedures, retinal diseases and surgeries, optometry, uveitis diseases and their treatments, and cosmetic surgery performed inside the eye socket.

In his remarks, Dr. Saad Al-Anazi, Vice Chairman of the Society and Chairman of the Conference Organizing Committee, commended the early planning of the conference in order to increase scientific interest in the field of ophthalmology. He also thanked all of the speakers, both local and international, for their productive lectures and workshops, pointing out that this was the conference's forty session. We share the advantages, outcomes, and recommendations we continue to offer with ophthalmologists.




KKESH Participation in ESCRS Conference

King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital has participated in the exhibition accompanying the Conference of the European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS), which was held in Vienna from 8 - 12 \ 9 \ 2023, as this conference is the largest in the specialty of cataract and refractive surgeries.

Through the exhibition, the hospital aims to share its achievements and attract distinguished competencies in order to provide the best services to the hospital's patients and visitors.

Additionally, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim Al Rajhi, the hospital’s CEO, has met with a number of leaders at the hospital's special booth looking forward to establish a future partnership aims to achieve the hospital's services for patients and visitors.






The Second Meeting of the Support Group for Patients with Night Blindness


In keeping with its long history of hosting and supporting support groups, King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital sponsored the second meeting of the support group for patients with night blindness (Retinitis Pigmentosa) today, August 24, 2023. The hospital believes that these groups play a significant and beneficial role for our patients.


One of the meeting's most crucial goals was to discuss the most significant issues that the participants were encountering and to provide a range of potential solutions offered by the doctors and professionals. Additionally, some personal experiences were presented so that others might share and benefit from them.






Abstract Submission is Re-opened!

Abstract Submission is Re-opened Don’t miss it. Final Deadline 22/7/2023 Hurry Up and Submit NOW!  



Saudi Ophthalmology Meeting 2023

Save The Date! Saudi Ophthalmology Meeting will take place in Riyadh at Crowne Plaza RDC from 19 to 21 October. Book your calendar & Stay tuned!! 

For more details please visite the website



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