Picture Name Area of Specialization Current Position
 JADAAN, Ibrahim JADAAN, Ibrahim, MD Ophthalmology/ Glaucoma Director of Specialized Medical Services
 SHEIKH, Osama SHEIKH, Osama,MD Opthalmology/ Oculoplastics Chairman of Oculoplastic
 BAKRI, Amani BAKRI, Amani,MD Opthalmology /Pedicatric Consultant
 D’APONTE, Antonella D’APONTE, Antonella, MD Opthalmology, Vitreoretinal Consultant
 BALAWI, Eman BALAWI, Eman, MD -- --
 FRAIKH, Hamad FRAIKH, Hamad,MD Opthalmology/ Uvities & Anterior Segment Consultant
 MALIK, Rizwan MALIK, Rizwan,MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Senior Consultant
 ZEITNOUNI, Rachid ZEITNOUNI, Rachid, MD Internal Medicine Chairman Internal Medicine and Employee Health
 JUDAIBI, Ramzi JUDAIBI, Ramzi,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Conusltant
 HARBI, Saad HARBI, Saad,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Consultant
 SULAIMAN, Sulaiman SULAIMAN, Sulaiman,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Consultant
 AKEELY, Adel AKEELY, Adel Ophthalmology Vitreoretina Surgery and Medical Retina Title Clinical Assistant Professor - Vitreoretinal consultant Associate Director of Outreach and Eligibility Department
 AWAD, Abdulaziz AWAD, Abdulaziz,MD Opthalmology/ Pediatric Senior Academic Consultant
 SEMIDEY, Valmore SEMIDEY, Valmore,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretina Consultant
 RUBIO, Marcos RUBIO, Marcos,MD Ophthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Consultant
 HASAN, Mounir HASAN, Mounir,MD Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit Consultant
 AHMAD, Naseer AHMAD, Naseer,MD Anesthesia Consultant
 TASKINTUNA, Ibrahim TASKINTUNA, Ibrahim,MD Opthalmology/ Viteroretinal Senior Consultant
 AHMAD, Nauman AHMAD, Nauman,MD Anethsesia Senior Consultant
 AYYASH, Iyad AYYASH, Iyad,MD Inter. Med/ Endocrinology Consultant
 SCHATZ, Patrik SCHATZ, Patrik,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Senior Academic Consultant
 DHIBI, Hassan DHIBI, Hassan,MD Opthlmology/ Uvities- Virtroretinal Chairman Eligibility & Outreach Program
 VARGAS, Jose VARGAS, Jose,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chairman of Anterior segment
 STRIANESE, Diego STRIANESE, Diego, MD Opthalmology/ Oculoplastic& Orbit Director of Continuous Medical Education
 SATHIAPALAN, Rajeev SATHIAPALAN, Rajeev,MD Pediatric, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Senior Consultant
 KHAN, Ruhi KHAN, Ruhi,MD Internal Medicine Consultant
 ZAKA, Sara ZAKA, Sara,MD Internal Medicine Consultant
 SHAHWAN, Sami SHAHWAN, Sami,MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Fellowship and Residency Program Director
 KHAMARY, Sahar KHAMARY, Sahar,MD Diagnostic Radiology Senior Consultant Rediology
 MOTOWA, Saeed MOTOWA, Saeed,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Senior Consultant
 SWAILEM, Samar SWAILEM, Samar,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Cornea, Ocular surface and refractive surgery. Associate Director of Research
 RAHEMAN, Syed RAHEMAN, Syed,MD Comprehensive / Vitreoretinal Consultant
 OTHAIMEEN, Saleh OTHAIMEEN, Saleh,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chairman Comprehensive Care
 MESFER, Saleh MESFER, Saleh,MD Opthalmology/Pediatric,Ocular Oncology,Retinoblastoma Chief Medical Officer
 ABDULLAH, Abdulelah ABDULLAH, Abdulelah,MD Ophthalmology/ Vitreoretinal-Uveitis Consultant
 KHAN, Abdul-Zahoor KHAN, Abdul-Zahoor,MD Anaesthesiology Chairman of Anesthesia
 MAKTABI, Azza MAKTABI, Azza,MD Opthalmology and laboratory diseases --
 NAJI, Essam NAJI, Essam,MD Medicine / Pediatrics Consultant
 OWAYDHA, Ohood OWAYDHA, Ohood, MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Chairman Glaucoma
 DJASIM, Leyla DJASIM, Leyla,MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Consultant
 MURA, Marco MURA, Marco,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Associate chief Clinical Servies Officer/ Chairman Retina
 AHAD, Muhammad AHAD, Muhammad,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chief of Eye Bank
 AMRY, Mohammad AMRY, Mohammad,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chairman of Emergency Room
 GHADEER, Huda,MD GHADEER, Huda,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Associate Director of Continuous Medical Education
 OSORIO, Hernan OSORIO, Hernan, MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment. Ocular Surface, Uveitis and Refractive Surgery Consultant
 SAWAN R, Nowilaty SAWAN R, Nowilaty, MD Vitreoretinal Associate Medical Director of Education & Member, Vitreoretinal
 ZAHRANI, Yahya ZAHRANI, Yahya,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal /Uveitis /Ocular Onclology Consultant
 HUSSAIN Hailah HUSSAIN, Hailah,MD Opthalmology/ Oculoplastic and Orbit Surgeon Senior Consultant
 SILVA Juan SILVA Juan,MD Anesthesia and Reanimation Consultant
 SCHARGEL Konrad SCHARGEL, Konrad,MD Glaucoma and Anterior segment Consultant
 Gorka Sesma Gorka Sesma ,MD Pediatric Ophthalmology Consultant
 Majed Al Qurashi Majed Al Qurashi,MD Anterior Segment Consultant
 Fawzia Al Haimi SCHARGEL, Konrad,MD Pediatric Ophthalmology Academic Consultant
 Rawan AlShabeeb Rawan AlShabeeb, MD Anterior Segment Consultant
 Ali AlBishri Ali AlBishri, MD Glaucoma Consultant