Picture Name Area of Specialization Current Position
 JADAAN, Ibrahim JADAAN, Ibrahim, MD Ophthalmology/ Glaucoma Director of Specialized Medical Services
 SHEIKH, Osama SHEIKH, Osama,MD Opthalmology/ Oculoplastics Chairman of Oculoplastic
 BAKRI, Amani BAKRI, Amani,MD Opthalmology /Pedicatric Consultant
 D’APONTE, Antonella D’APONTE, Antonella, MD Opthalmology, Vitreoretinal Consultant
 BALAWI, Eman BALAWI, Eman, MD -- --
 FRAIKH, Hamad FRAIKH, Hamad,MD Opthalmology/ Uvities & Anterior Segment Consultant
 MALIK, Rizwan MALIK, Rizwan,MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Senior Consultant
 ZEITNOUNI, Rachid ZEITNOUNI, Rachid, MD Internal Medicine Chairman Internal Medicine and Employee Health
 JUDAIBI, Ramzi JUDAIBI, Ramzi,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Conusltant
 HARBI, Saad HARBI, Saad,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Consultant
 SULAIMAN, Sulaiman SULAIMAN, Sulaiman,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Consultant
 AKEELY, Adel AKEELY, Adel Ophthalmology Vitreoretina Surgery and Medical Retina Title Clinical Assistant Professor - Vitreoretinal consultant Associate Director of Outreach and Eligibility Department
 AWAD, Abdulaziz AWAD, Abdulaziz,MD Opthalmology/ Pediatric Senior Academic Consultant
 SEMIDEY, Valmore SEMIDEY, Valmore,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretina Consultant
 RUBIO, Marcos RUBIO, Marcos,MD Ophthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Consultant
 HASAN, Mounir HASAN, Mounir,MD Anesthesia and Intensive Care Unit Consultant
 AHMAD, Naseer AHMAD, Naseer,MD Anesthesia Consultant
 TASKINTUNA, Ibrahim TASKINTUNA, Ibrahim,MD Opthalmology/ Viteroretinal Senior Consultant
 AHMAD, Nauman AHMAD, Nauman,MD Anethsesia Senior Consultant
 AYYASH, Iyad AYYASH, Iyad,MD Inter. Med/ Endocrinology Consultant
 SCHATZ, Patrik SCHATZ, Patrik,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Senior Academic Consultant
 DHIBI, Hassan DHIBI, Hassan,MD Opthlmology/ Uvities- Virtroretinal Chairman Eligibility & Outreach Program
 VARGAS, Jose VARGAS, Jose,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chairman of Anterior segment
 STRIANESE, Diego STRIANESE, Diego, MD Opthalmology/ Oculoplastic& Orbit Director of Continuous Medical Education
 SATHIAPALAN, Rajeev SATHIAPALAN, Rajeev,MD Pediatric, Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Senior Consultant
 KHAN, Ruhi KHAN, Ruhi,MD Internal Medicine Consultant
 ZAKA, Sara ZAKA, Sara,MD Internal Medicine Consultant
 SHAHWAN, Sami SHAHWAN, Sami,MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Fellowship and Residency Program Director
 KHAMARY, Sahar KHAMARY, Sahar,MD Diagnostic Radiology Senior Consultant Rediology
 MOTOWA, Saeed MOTOWA, Saeed,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Senior Consultant
 SWAILEM, Samar SWAILEM, Samar,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Cornea, Ocular surface and refractive surgery. Associate Director of Research
 RAHEMAN, Syed RAHEMAN, Syed,MD Comprehensive / Vitreoretinal Consultant
 OTHAIMEEN, Saleh OTHAIMEEN, Saleh,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chairman Comprehensive Care
 MESFER, Saleh MESFER, Saleh,MD Opthalmology/Pediatric,Ocular Oncology,Retinoblastoma Chief Medical Officer
 ABDULLAH, Abdulelah ABDULLAH, Abdulelah,MD Ophthalmology/ Vitreoretinal-Uveitis Consultant
 KHAN, Abdul-Zahoor KHAN, Abdul-Zahoor,MD Anaesthesiology Chairman of Anesthesia
 MAKTABI, Azza MAKTABI, Azza,MD Opthalmology and laboratory diseases --
 NAJI, Essam NAJI, Essam,MD Medicine / Pediatrics Consultant
 OWAYDHA, Ohood OWAYDHA, Ohood, MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Chairman Glaucoma
 DJASIM, Leyla DJASIM, Leyla,MD Opthalmology/ Glaucoma Consultant
 MURA, Marco MURA, Marco,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal Associate chief Clinical Servies Officer/ Chairman Retina
 AHAD, Muhammad AHAD, Muhammad,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chief of Eye Bank
 AMRY, Mohammad AMRY, Mohammad,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Chairman of Emergency Room
 	GHADEER, Huda,MD GHADEER, Huda,MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment Associate Director of Continuous Medical Education
 OSORIO, Hernan OSORIO, Hernan, MD Opthalmology/ Anterior Segment. Ocular Surface, Uveitis and Refractive Surgery Consultant
 	SAWAN R, Nowilaty SAWAN R, Nowilaty, MD Vitreoretinal Associate Medical Director of Education & Member, Vitreoretinal
 ZAHRANI, Yahya ZAHRANI, Yahya,MD Opthalmology/ Vitreoretinal /Uveitis /Ocular Onclology Consultant
 	HUSSAIN Hailah HUSSAIN, Hailah,MD Opthalmology/ Oculoplastic and Orbit Surgeon Senior Consultant
 	SILVA Juan SILVA Juan,MD Anesthesia and Reanimation Consultant
 	SCHARGEL Konrad SCHARGEL, Konrad,MD Glaucoma and Anterior segment Consultant