KKESH believes that certain fundamental values are representative of the institution and of the environment in which we work. These fundamental values, which guide us in the accomplishment of our mission and goals, are as follows

The pursuit of excellence in all endeavors is our goal. We are committed to continue as a center of excellence for tertiary eye care. This commitment, which is clearly expressed in the mission statement, is maintained through staff recruitment, retention, development, empowerment, and support, as well as through continuous quality improvement in all aspects of patient care.

Providing service to patients and their families is the focus of our efforts. Tertiary eye care is provided to all patients who meet the established tertiary care guidelines. All departments offer services to patients in a manner that is fair, courteous, responsive, and efficient. Systems are continuously evaluated and redesigned, as indicated, by appropriate committees, teams, or task forces to meet evolving patient needs.

All members of the organization are valued for their knowledge and skills, as well as their contribution and commitment to the team effort. Teamwork is recognized as being integral to the fulfillment of the hospital’s mission.
Staff communication, working relationships, and interactions with patients and their families are based on confidentiality, mutual respect, trust, fairness, tolerance, honesty, and cultural awareness. The hospital leadership values the ideas of the staff and offers opportunities to communicate pertinent issues and concerns through appropriate channels.
The leaders of the organization value its integrity by maintaining consistent discipline within the organization to retain credibility within the community. The systems established through hospital policies and procedures govern the interactions between staff members and departments.