KKESH has carried out 5 volunteer Initiatives

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KKESH has carried out 5 volunteer Initiatives


Due to the importance of volunteering and in line with Vision 2030 to encourage volunteering and to spread the concept of health volunteering and on the International Volunteer Day (05 December 2018), KKESH has carried out 5 initiatives under  my_volunteer_health 2

The "an Eye for You" initiative in Hail where the hospital sent a complete medical team of surgeons and specialists to examine and treat 100 cases, including cataract surgeries (lens opacity) and thus reduce the waiting list.

under the initiative (in a Blink of an Eye) to raise the awareness of the dangers of laser pointers, a team of doctors went to schools in Shifa district in Riyadh, including Tamim bin Awes secondary school, Shifa secondary school, Sheikh Mohammed bin Ibrahim secondary . Awareness lectures were presented to students to raise the awareness of the damage of laser pointers and not to play with them because some of the injuries do not have a successful treatment as using the laser pointers leads to a complete burn in the macula thus causing permanent blindness of the affected eye..


A team of doctors and specialists visited the workers at Riyadh Metro station under the initiative (Your Eyes Safety) in order to raise the health awareness regarding the prevention of eye injuries and how to apply the First Aids when the eye is exposed to chemical or superficial injury. Awareness booklets were distributed in many languages.

In addition, three awareness corners were set up at Al-Iman Hospital where doctors and specialists raised awareness about eye diseases and how to prevent them. In addition, there was a corner for eye examination under the initiative (We Care about your Eye).


An awareness exhibition was held under the initiative (Help Me to See) at Princess Noura University and Granada Shopping Mall to promote cornea donation, as it is a noble humanitarian decision indicating generosity. Severe visual impairment due to corneal diseases is one of the most prevalent diseases in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Booklets and awareness materials were distributed to visitors and university students.

The participants in these initiatives have interacted with the voluntary work, which is a fundamental pillar in building and developing the society and spreading social cohesion among the citizens of any society. It is a human practice that has been closely linked to all the meanings of good work in all human societies since eternity. These initiatives were covered by the hospital social media as well as the local media.

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