Fireworks: A Danger threatening the "eyes of your children"

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Fireworks: A Danger threatening the

Dr. Huda Abdullah Al-Ghadeer, Chief of Emergency Department at King Khaled Specialist Hospital, asserted that fireworks usually cause eye injuries for both the users and the people around. Most of the injuries caused by fireworks are in the eye then hands and fingers.

She mentioned that the eye injuries caused by fireworks are often acute and can cause permanent loss of visual acuity or loss of sight. Al Ghadeer shed light on the types of injuries that may result from the use of fireworks, indicating that burns of the eyelid and conjunctiva rupture of the eyelid and eyeball in addition to corneal wounds are considered to be the most serious injuries. She added that the user or the people around the user are at risk that a foreign body gets into the eye in addition to causing hematoma to the anterior chamber.

She added that these injuries may have complications overtime to cause corneal opacity, cataract, glaucoma, displacement of the natural lens, injuries in the bottom of the eye, retinal detachment, loss of sight and it may even cause total loss of the eye.

Dr. Al-Ghadeer stressed a number of precautions that must be taken into account while dealing with fireworks. At first, she stressed that adults should light fireworks outside homes after choosing the right place, which should be spacious and free from any obstruction or flammable materials. She demanded wearing protective glasses to enjoy a safe Eid day.  She warned of trying to re-ignite the fireworks or trying to manufacture them at homes.

Dr. Al-Ghadeer stressed not to rub the eye in the case of any injury and demanded not to wash it with water or try to remove foreign objects that may be stuck to the eye. She stressed the need to go to the emergency department to receive the necessary medical care when an eye injury occurs due to the use of fireworks.


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