KKESH Celebrates the World Diabetes Day 2016 under the theme of “Eyes on Diabetes”

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KKESH Celebrates the World Diabetes Day 2016 under the theme of “Eyes on Diabetes”

Dr. Mahmoud Abdul Jabbar Yamani, General Executive Director of KKESH, opened the exhibition of World Diabetes Day 2016 under the theme of “Eyes on Diabetes” in cooperation with the Saudi Ophthalmological Society (SOS) represented by Saudi Retina Group and Know your Eyes Team on Monday 14/02/1438 A.H, corresponding to 14/11/2016 in the main lobby of the hospital.

Dr. Yamani said that the hospital celebrates this Day every year due to the significance and influence of this disease on the body's organs in general, and on the retina in particular. Early detection of this disease can prevent a lot of potential retinal complications. Diabetic retinopathy is one of the common diseases in patients with diabetes and it is the main cause of vision loss. Retina test must be done on a regular basis to avoid the complications of diabetes. There is no doubt that this advance is the outcome of continuous support for the health sector by the Kingdom government, and the constant follow-up by Dr. Tawfiq Al Rabiah, the Minister of Health. Such activities motivate the community to follow healthy behaviors and urge to take more preventive measures to prevent various diseases. Hence, the hospital is always interested to participate in awareness campaigns and their associated exhibitions. Such campaigns significantly contribute in raising health awareness in the community and help achieve the hospital goals in preventing blindness.

Ms. Nahla Al Sobki, the Director of KKESH Health Education Department said that the exhibition on this occasion included different awareness activities such as distribution of brochures and booklets on the symptoms and causes of diabetes and its impact on peoples' health. Symbolic gifts were distributed. There was an educational contest. She added that the exhibition, through KKESH ophthalmologists, provided a free retinal check, blood sugar and blood pressure tests, and other diabetes-related tests. All visitors' questions were also answered. The Ministry of Health represented by Nutrition General Department, the National Diabetes Prevention and Control Program, University Diabetes Center, the Charitable Society for Health Communication “HAYATONA”, and Saudi Charitable Association of Diabetes, in addition to some government agencies and related charitable societies participated effectively in the exhibition.                                                                                                                      

The hospital also provides "a doctor on the phone" service in order to answer the questions and enquiries of citizens and residents with regard to diabetes and its complications on the eye. Dr. Hassan Al Dhebi, Senior Academic Consultant/ Vitreoretinal Division, Chief of Uveitis Division, will answer  inquiries  on Tuesday 15 /02/1438 A.H, corresponding to 15 /11/2016 from 12:00 P.M. to 14:00 P.M. at the number: +011 4826421.

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