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  • Virtual Saudi Ophthalmology Symposium 2021

          Virtual Saudi Ophthalmology Symposium 2021 has been launched today, which is organized by the Saudi Ophthalmological Society, King Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital and the ...
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  • CEO Receives Vision Excellence Award

      Dr. Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim AlRajhi, Chief Executive Officer of King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital, received Vision Excellence Award of the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindnes...
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  • Workshop

      KKESH participates in a workshop under sponsorship of the Department of the Care of Persons with Disabilities. This is one of national transformation program initiatives to enable persons wi...
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  • One Awareness Minute

      Two episodes of the Awareness Minute program were launched. This is a program made by KKESH. It does not exceed one minute and addresses issues related to ophthalmology to the public. Are...
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