Viral Conjunctivitis


Viral Conjunctivitis, commonly known as Pinkeye, is an inflammation of the conjunctiva. It may occur in one or both eyes and is highly contagious. It increases in certain seasons.



A variety of viruses can be responsible.


Incubation period:

Between 2 - 14 days.


Who is most susceptible?

All age groups can be affected. It frequently occurs in areas where large groups of people are gathered, for example, schools, shopping areas, housing compounds, etc.


How is Viral Conjunctivitis transmitted?

The disease is transmitted by:

1. Respiratory tract to eye (sneezing, coughing)

2. Person-to-person by:

- Hand shake

- Contaminated surfaces and items

- Sharing of towels, pillowcases, cosmetics, etc.

- Public swimming pools

- Finger to eye


Signs and symptoms:

1. Tearing and discharge.

2. Painful and foreign body sensation.

3. Swollen and red Conjunctiva.

4. Sensitivity to light (photophobia) and blurred vision.



- Cold compresses

- Ocular lubricants for comfort

·         Symptoms may get worse for 7 - 10 days before getting better.

·         Contact lens wearers should discontinue lens wear until signs and symptoms

           have resolved.

·         It is advisable to clean tables, door handles, chairs, bathrooms, etc., with

           Chlorox diluted with water.