The Ocular Prosthesis

  The ocular prosthesis is an artificial eye replaces the natural human one. It is made of Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA).

   How the patient takes care of his ocular prosthesis?

o   Wash hands properly with soap and water.

o   Make sure to close the sink nozzle to avoid prosthesis drop while washing it.

o   Remove the ocular prosthesis.

o   Wash the socket with balanced salt solution or saline prescribed by Anaplastologist.

o   Clean prosthesis with mild soap like baby shampoo, softly scrub the prosthesis with your fingers, removing built up protein and debris – rinse thoroughly.

o   Dry the ocular prosthesis with a soft tissue.

o   Insert the ocular prosthesis gently into the socket

o   Use a warm wet tissue to remove discharges from your eyelids and eyelashes.

o   It is recommended to have the prosthesis polished every six months because a professional polish to the ocular prosthesis is only way to remove the protein deposits and bacteria from its surface.

When patient should visit anaplastologist?

·        If there is pain or discomfort.

·        If there is excessive discharge.

·        If your ocular prosthesis is movable.

·        When you lose your ocular prosthesis.