Prevention of Eye Injuries for Children Young children are unable to protect themselves from accidents. They try to discover the things around them when they grow up. Children inquisitiveness has no limit. They do not realize the danger they may encounter thus there should be a safe environment for them. 

Reasons of eye injuries:

Soft drink bottles Playing and shaking soft drink bottles increase their pressure and lead to explosion. Keeping these bottles in the freezer may lead to explosion too and therefore endangers the children’s eyes. 

Fireworks are commonly used during celebrations and holidays. They may cause severe injuries when exploded or thrown at others. 

Sharp objects are harmful for children when used or played with, thus these objects should be kept out of their reach.

Chemicals used for cleaning and sterilization may cause serious eye burns if used by children. These burns if not treated immediately may cause severe and permanent corneal opacity. 

Precautions for children healthy and safe environment. 

  • Prevent children from playing with closed bottles and keep their opening away from the face and the eyes when opened. Avoid keeping closed bottles in the freezer. It is preferred to be kept in the fridge. 
  • Plastic containers and cans are safer for children than bottles.
  • In the house, keep anything dangerous to the eyes away such as pointed items or sharp edges. 
  • Read instructions which mention the proper age of the child on the cover of child selected toy for example a four year old child is not permitted to play with a nine year old child toy.
  • Avoid purchasing toys which strike with small pieces such as pistols, guns or arrows and bows Supervise children when they play and teach them safe activities. Throwing stones while playing may cause severe injuries to the eye. 
  • Place teapots or coffee kettles in the inside burners of the stove. Prevent children from carrying or playing with sharp objects and shaving tools which are harmful. Keep them out of their reach. 
  • Do not allow your children to use laser pointers because they are dangerous to the eye. 
  • Teach your children how to protect their eyes by avoiding direct look to the sun and to always use sunglasses once they leave the house. Keep sharp objects such as razors, needles and scissors out of the children reach. 
  • Do not give young children forks or knives to eat with and teach them how to eat without sharp objects. 
  • Prevent children from chasing each other’s in the corridors or between furniture. 
  • Do not allow children to eat or drink in a fragile item such as glass Rotate cocking pot hands to the inside thus the child won’t hold it and throw it. Such an action can cause severe burns and injuries to him/ her. 
  • Do not allow children to sit in the car front seats. 
  • Ask them to sit in the back seats and to fasten their seat belts. 
  • Keep cosmetics and perfumes out of the children reach as they may cause irritation, redness and infection of the eye. 
  • Keep Geometrical tools inside the school bag and in the places where to study. 
  • Do not allow children to purchase or play with fireworks. 
  • Door knob may be dangerous to the children’s eyes. 
  • You have to pay attention to the child when moving or running inside the house. 
  • Do not give a child any toy that has pointed or sharp parts as it may cause harm to his eyes. 
  • Throw any broken plastic toy which has pointed or sharp parts. 
  • Keep needles especially insulin ones out of the children reach because they can cause severe damage to the eye tissues when used by children. 
  • Coat hangers may be dangerous to the children’s eyes when they play with it thus keep them out of their reach. 
  • Ask your children to use protective eyeglasses for rough games. 
  • Keep detergents such as Clorox and Flash in locked cabinets out of the children reach because they can cause severe burns to the eye. 
  • Use only prescribed medications which should not be shared among children. You should avoid using expired eye drops.
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