This booklet is intended to give you all the information necessary to use hard, rigid gas permeable, contact lenses successfully.

RGP are made of semi-hard material and are used for patients with high astigmatism or keratoconus. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks to adapt to the lens. Most patients initially experience some tearing, mild redness and a foreign body sensation these symptoms will gradually subside. Therefore, you must be patient.


Inserting the Lens


·         Prepare all the items you will need

·         Wash your hands carefully with non-scented, non-oily soap and clean tap water, and then dry your hands thoroughly. 

·         To avoid mixing the right and the left lens, we suggest to always inserting the right lens first. 

·         Remove the lens from the case and hold it up for inspection. Make sure there are no cracks or broken edges, which could harm your eye

·         Place the lens on the tip of your right index finger. Put a few drops of moisturizing solution inside the lens and lean close to the mirror. 

·         Place your left index finger close to your upper eyelid, gently pull up. Place your right middle finger (or that of your dominant hand) close to your lower eyelid lashes, and gently pull it down to expose the cornea where the lens will be placed.

·         Looking straight ahead at the mirror with both eyes open, gently place the lens on the cornea.

·         Release your eyelids slowly. Blink several times. This will help the lens center on your eye. In time, you will learn to do this without a mirror. In the beginning, however, using a mirror will help you put the lens correctly in place.

·         After inserting the lenses, rinse the lens case with clean water and let it air-dry.

Removing the Lens

·         Wash your hands carefully with a non-scented, non-oily soap and clean tap water, and then dry your hands thoroughly. 

·         To avoid mixing up the right and left lenses, remove the right lens first. 

·         Lean forward and cup your hand over the eye with the contact lens you want to remove. 

·         Open both eyes as widely as possible and place your index finger against the outer corner of your eye with the contact lens to be removed.

·          Pull firmly toward your ear and forcefully blink at the same time. The edges of your eyelids will catch the edges of the lens and it will pop out of your eye onto your hand.

·         Occasionally, the lens will slide off the center of your eye during the removal procedure. If this happens, locate the lens and, with the index and middle finger, apply gentle pressure through the lid to the edge of the lens farthest from the cornea.

·         If the lens is trapped in place, look in the direction of the lens and gently push the lens back onto the cornea. 

Lens Cleaning and Disinfection:

·         After removing the lens, place it on the palm of your hand and apply 3-4 drops of a lens cleaning solution (LC-65 or similar cleaner) on the lens.

·         Rub the lens gently with your index finger against the palm of your hand, in a circular motion, using light pressure to thoroughly clean the outer and inner lens surfaces.

·         Be careful not to scratch the lens with your fingernails.

·         Clean each lens for 20-30 seconds. 

·         Rinse the lens carefully with the soaking solution and store it in a clean lens case with fresh soaking solution covering the lens. (DO NOT USE TAP WATER FOR RINSING). 

·         These steps must be repeated after each lens wear. Clean your lenses over a plugged sink or a clean towel as you may drop the lenses in the sink or on the floor.

Wearing schedule:

From day 1 to day 14: wear the lenses gradually for 1/4 hours, increasing your wearing time by 1/2 hour per day. Wearing time at the end of the second week should be 6-8 hours per day maximum. period should not be exceeded until the next follow-up visit with  optometrists.